• Past Projects

    Nepal Wireless Networking project did the following major projects from 2004 to 2014 with the financial and technical support from different organizations and with the initiative of local people. 

    1. It connected 7 villages in 2005 with the financial support of International Telecommunication Union and connected two clinics for telemedicne.

    2. It connected eight villages of eastern part of Makawanpur district with the financial support from Makawanpur district government in 2007.

    3. It connected 19 villages in 2008 with the financial support from World Bank through Nepal Telecommunication Authority of Nepal. They provided equipment worth of US$50,000.

    4. It connected 9 villages of Myagdi district with the financial support of Asia Pacific Telecommunity and Mustang District government  in 2009. Six high schools of the district were also connected to the network and e-learning was introduced.

    Wireless Network Built in 2009 with the financial support from Asia Pacific Telecommunity and Mustang District Government

    5. It received AU$30,000 grant for capacity building of our technicians in 2010 from Internet Society, Australia. 20 local people from different villages were provided wireless networking training.

    Participants of Wireless Networking Training in Pokhara

    6. Asia Paicific Telecommunity provided support worth US$54,000 to develop video conferencing application for tele-teaching and tele-training program. We developed the application using OpenMeetings, which is an open source. Now Patan Hospital and Kathmandu Model Hospital is using the application for video conferencing.

    7. It built wireless network in 2011 to Annapurna Base Camp area with teh financial support from Annapurna Conservation Area Project and local communities. It brought Internet for the schools and lodges.

    8. Nepal Wireless build wireless network to Manasalu region of Gorakha district in 2013 with the financial support from SNV Nepal. The goal was to bring Internet to scholls, clinics and Buddhist monastries and tourist lodges. The project is still running and we are building wireless network in more villages.

    Namrung Village
    Internet Link at Namrung village of Gorakha Relay Station at 3,900m at Samagaun, Gorakha


    The followings are some of the progresses we made in 2013 to 2014.

    1. The work of extending the network in Manaslu region of Gorakha district was completed. This project was started in June 2013 with the financial support from SNV Nepal. SNV Nepal provided US435,000 for the project. The goal was to use the Internet for promoting tourism in the region and for connecting the schools, clinics and Gumbas. 

    2. Telemedicine between Kathmandu Model Hospital and six villages was initiated since 20010. The villages are Nangi, Ramche, Tikot, Aula, Paudwar, Keshavtar, Syangja.. Video conferencing equipment for the telemedicine was donated by Polycom.

    3. Sustainable Atmosphere for Kathmandu Valley (SusKat) ProjectNepal Wireless is working with International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)in Kathmandu valley. It provides field support for carrying out field measurements of various atmospheric parameters under the project.E

    4. Progress on Educational Plans: Students from high schools are using the network to write e-mails to each other and to their pen-pals abroad. In the past, the students used to send letters to their pen-pals through "snail mail" which used to take months. Now they can communicate within a matter of minutes no matter where they are located. Also, the teachers and students are getting access to some educational materials that we have put in the intranet.

    Nepal Wireless Networking Project is working with Open Learning Exchange (OLE), an NGO based in the US and Kathmandu as a partner to develop educational interactive contents for the school children. The contents are based on the government curriculum from grade one through ten. We have already started pilot test of the contents produced by OLE - NEPAL of English and Math of grade two and six. Please visit the http://www.olenepal.org for more information. 

    Now OLE-Nepal has also created e-library with more than 6,000 books from different fields. People can read it online or download it to read later. Nepal Wireless created a local server with those educational and libreary materials and villagers can download it using Intranet. Thus it will save Internet bandwidth.

    One of our main goals is to use the network for live teleteaching by one teacher from one high school to the students of several other high schools. The live distance teaching installation and testing was completed, however, the video quality for the tele teaching is not good enough. We are seeking for technical assistance for launching the distance education program. If they succeed in this endeavor, it will help to fill the acute shortage of qualified teachers in the rural areas.

    5. Progress on Establishment of Communication Centers in the Villages:  With the grant received from Asia Pacific Telecommunity in 2013, Nepal Wireless developed a model of ICT center in 10 villages called "Village Internet Shop". The goal is to provide as many as possible ICT services for the villagers including Internet, mobile sale/repair, money transfer, e-banking etc.

    Latest updates

    Permission Received to Use Some VHF and TVWS Band for Rural Broadband : 2016-05-06

    Nepal Wireless got permission from Nepal Telecommunication Authority to use 192.5 MHz to 202.5 MHz (10 MHz) in VHF band and 560 MHz to 578 MHz (18 MHz) in TVWS band for bringing broadband Internet services.
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    Pilot Project for Rural Broadband Using TV White Space Technology Being Implemented in 2016 : 2016-03-10

    Nepal Wireless is implementing pilot project for the deployment of a community based hybrid wireless network using TV White Space and Wi-Fi spectrum in remote valleys around Manaslu Himalaya and Dhaulagiri Himalaya region in 2016. Project is being funded by ISIF Asia and Asia Pacific Telecommunity
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    Wireless 4 Communication Project Supported by Internet Society Completed : 2016-02-04

    Internet Society contributed US$100,000 in December 2015 to buy equipment and build wireless network in some parts of Gorakha, Lamjung and Sindhupalchok districs. The wireless network is up and running now.
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