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    Presentation Slides from the presentation given by Mahabir Pun titled "Connecting the Villages of Rural Nepal to the Internet through Nepal Wireless Project ‐ Experience, Challenges Faced and Road Ahead". Here he describes about all community development projects he has been doing from 1993 to 2014 along with the wireless networking project he is involved with in Nepal.
    There are many articles in newspapers, magazines published around the world at different times about Nepal Wireless Networking Project. Some of them are as follows.
    22 October, 2001
    Village in the clouds embraces computers
    23 October 2001
    Praise for 'inspirational' web pioneer
    25 May,2004
    Wi-fi lifeline for Nepal's farmers
    5 November, 2008
    Internet dream becomes a reality
    Nepal better than Scottish highlands for broadband
    Himalayan village joins wireless world
    Defying the Odds: A Success Story from the Mountains of Nepal
    August 31, 2010
    Cassidy: Mahabir Pun inspires digital revolution in the Himalayas
    Himalayan Villages Go Online
    Case Study, Nepal Wireless Networking Project
    September 2013
    Get Inspired Program at United States Education Foundation Nepal
    December 2013, Nepal Villages Get Online NHK World 
    Mahabir Pun Explaining about Khopra Relay Station
    Mahabir Pun explaining about Mohare Relay Station

    Latest updates

    Permission Received to Use Some VHF and TVWS Band for Rural Broadband : 2016-05-06

    Nepal Wireless got permission from Nepal Telecommunication Authority to use 192.5 MHz to 202.5 MHz (10 MHz) in VHF band and 560 MHz to 578 MHz (18 MHz) in TVWS band for bringing broadband Internet services.
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    Pilot Project for Rural Broadband Using TV White Space Technology Being Implemented in 2016 : 2016-03-10

    Nepal Wireless is implementing pilot project for the deployment of a community based hybrid wireless network using TV White Space and Wi-Fi spectrum in remote valleys around Manaslu Himalaya and Dhaulagiri Himalaya region in 2016. Project is being funded by ISIF Asia and Asia Pacific Telecommunity
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    Wireless 4 Communication Project Supported by Internet Society Completed : 2016-02-04

    Internet Society contributed US$100,000 in December 2015 to buy equipment and build wireless network in some parts of Gorakha, Lamjung and Sindhupalchok districs. The wireless network is up and running now.
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